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a little bit of this and a little bit of that!

So following on from a previous post about crocheting with recycled fabrics, i ventured into the “zone” of rug making, and created a few floor coverings of my own..   a bath mat, and a creation known as ‘the doily on roids’! now the doily on roids was designed by a customer of ours affectionately known on Ravelry as chookgirl..  and when i grow up i want to be her!!!!!

i do love to create with the zpagetti t-shirt yarn, but i have to say, going from the hook size i am use to, then using a size 15mm hook  is like trying to use tree stumps to eat your chinese instead of chop sticks…. 

here is a close up,

ahh what else have i got to show you…. MY GRANNY SQUARE AFGHAN (that almost killed me) IS FINALLY FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!!

ready… set….. here it is in all its wonky glory…..

its wonky because it still has to be blocked, and because it’s for a special event, im not blocking it until closer to the time…..  and I FREAKIN LOVE IT!!!!!, if you are a previous blog reader of mine, you will know how much pain this rug has caused me, from the pattern being written wrong, to the pattern not being what the block is at all…  I ended up, throwing the pattern over my head in frustration and doing my own thing, and im so glad i did, as i am so stoked with the result, i love love love it so much… did i mention im in love!…  so that is the closing of a chapter of my life,   so if you want to know the knitty gritties – its done with a 4mm needle, 8 ply yarn if i remember its approx 30 different colours, there are over 35 different block patterns and it weights a sh!t load!



now a new chapter had begun, and its looking so far like this… now im only giving you a sneak peak, as i want it to be a surprise later

so this is my new Love, it is causing me no grief, the pattern is not wrong… (because there is no pattern, im writing it as i go), and i cant stop smiling as i merrily hook along!  I was doing a bit of this rug just recently at a local indoor play centre i take Miss A to for “special treats” and the amount of people who stopped and had a chat because of this rug blew my mind! its amazing how a bit of old fashion crafting can make complete strangers want to chat as they caress your work! 


so what else have i been doing… well do you know the fisher and paykel add where the lady putts a knitted bunny in the washing machine… i know your thinking, you didn’t knit that did you????  ahh haa yep i did…  here is the advertisement…..


and here is mine!


o.k so mine is a little fatter, but again, im in love… I made him in the same colours as my craft room, but as yet he hasn’t made it there, and do you want to know why????????  because im not the only one in love with him!


yep, Miss A has claimed him!

And speaking of Miss A, one of her favorite books is Milo armadillo, I think i have talked of this book before, i can quite remember without reading back through my blog pages… but she constantly nags, and i mean NAAAAAAGGGGSS me to knit her a milo armadillo, although i do love to knit… crochet is my thing, so i did a trade off with one of the girls at work, i would crochet her some ting she wanted, and she would knit milo….. Taaa Daaa, and she was ready just in time for Miss A’s birthday..


isn’t she awesome, and Miss A squealed with joy when she finally had her in her arms!   So we not only read the book occasionally, we read it CONSTANTLY with Milo doing all her own actions!


And last but by no means least my little birdy tree

these sweet birds and another 20 or so like them are now scattered on christmas trees all over Germany, Sydney and Brisbane.


and i said that was last but i have one more thing to show and tell..


what does one do at work on a Saturday afternoon when there are no classes on….. she makes hair clips…..stacks of them.

These are available at threads and more 07 3379 6699 great for stocking fillers, and last-minute gifts,  and YES ew will post them to you!


until next time thanks for reading………….. Ax




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